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Toddly Pregnancy Comfort Kit With Belly Bands & Pregnancy Pillow

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Discover the Ultimate Pregnancy Comfort Bundle: Toddly SnuggleMate Collection, BellyCare Belt, and Pregnancy Pillow

Your Complete Pregnancy or Maternity Solution

Experience the ultimate comfort during your pregnancy journey with the Toddly Complete Pregnancy Comfort Bundle. This meticulously curated set combines our top-selling maternity aids: the versatile Toddly SnuggleMate pillows, the supportive Toddly BellyCare Belt, and the uniquely designed Toddly Pregnancy Pillow, tailored for your comfort and well-being at an exceptional value.

Choose your size and colours out of these in your pregnancy journey to enjoy an additional discount making it a very affordable solution where you get all your pregnancy needs in just one go.

1. Toddly SnuggleMate Pillows: Custom Comfort at Every Stage 

  • Classic Toddly SnuggleMate: Offers versatile use from early pregnancy through postpartum. Its bamboo-polyester blend provides soft, skin-friendly support for everyday needs.

  • Toddly SnuggleMate H-Shape Pillow: Features adjustable configurations for targeted support. It's a large size and soft polyester fiber that caters to your changing body.

  • Toddly SnuggleMate Mega Pillow: Crafted with eco-friendly UMORFIL Bionic fibers for luxurious comfort. Hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, this pillow supports restful sleep and environmental sustainability.

Usage & Guidelines:- The Toddly SnuggleMate Collection is more than just maternity pillows, it's a commitment to providing mothers-to-be with comfort, care, and sustainability. Whether you need adaptable support or a pillow that pampers you with luxury while being kind to your skin and the planet, our range has the perfect solution for your needs.

The Big pillows can also help with breastfeeding so the snugglemate collection is a mate even after the pregnancy journey.

2. Toddly BellyCare Belt: Gentle, Adaptive Support

  • Custom Fit: Available in sizes M to XXL, ensuring a perfect fit as your belly grows.

  • Premium Material: Made from breathable spandex for all-day comfort. Adjustable design and optional shoulder straps provide balanced support and ease the physical changes during pregnancy.

Usage & Guidelines:- Ensuring comfort and gentle support during pregnancy. Please ensure the Toddly Bellycare Band is not tight in any way. 

3. Toddly Pregnancy Pillow: Specialised Support for Back Sleepers

  • Eco-Friendly Material: Made from PVC with a flocked surface for added comfort.

  • Generous Size: Accommodates a variety of body types, ensuring adequate support and relaxation.

  • Versatile Use: Not just for sleep, but also for lounging or as a daybed, with customizable features to enhance your comfort.

Usage & Guidelines:- Always use Dreambelly on top of soft surfaces and only use it with an active adult companion or supervision to support you in getting back up. Maximum usage is only 3 hours it's mainly for relaxation for your back muscles.

Why Choose the Toddly Pregnancy Bundle?

  • Comprehensive Support: Each product in the bundle is designed to address different needs and stages of pregnancy, providing comfort, support, and convenience.

  • Exceptional Value: Get all three products at an exceptional discounted price, making it a cost-effective choice for comprehensive pregnancy support.

  • Quality and Safety: Emphasising skin-friendly materials, ergonomic designs, and safety, each product reflects Toddly's commitment to quality and motherly care.

FAQs Answered

  • Can I wash the pillows and belt? Yes, the H-shaped pillow and the BellyCare Belt are machine washable, while the classic SnuggleMate should be hand-washed gently.

  • Is the bundle suitable for all pregnancy stages? Absolutely! From the first trimester to postpartum, our products adapt to your body's changing needs.

Transform your pregnancy experience with the Toddly Pregnancy Comfort Bundle. Embrace this special time with the ultimate in comfort, support, and adaptability, designed especially for expecting mothers.

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