Hand Sanitisers

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Hand Sanitiser

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, hand sanitiser quickly became a staple in workplaces and households across the country.

Why use a hand sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser is effective at killing germs and bacteria that accumulate on our skin throughout the day. While hand sanitiser is not a replacement for washing our hands thoroughly, it adds an extra defence against everyday bacteria.

How to use hand sanitiser correctly

Hand sanitiser should be applied to the palm of your hand and massaged into the skin, covering all areas of your hand. Rub the liquid or gel sanitiser into your skin until it feels dry.

Hand sanitiser should not replace general handwashing. However, you should use a hand sanitiser in situations where washing your hands is not appropriate or accessible. Ensuring our hands are clean reduces the risk of picking up bacteria and spreading illness to others.

What type of hand sanitisers are available?

Hand sanitiser can come in many forms, including liquid, gel, and spray, and can be made with alcohol or are alcohol-free.

An alcohol-free sanitiser is gentle on our skin and may be suitable for people who experience skin irritation, such as contact dermatitis. However, it is generally recommended that alcohol-based hand sanitisers are more effective at killing germs and bacteria.

Gel vs liquid hand sanitiser

Both alcohol-based gel and liquid hand sanitisers are equally effective. It comes down to which texture you prefer!

Liquid hand sanitisers and hand sanitiser sprays absorb into your skin faster than gel sanitisers, meaning they can kill bacteria quickly without leaving residue. Gel sanitisers can be messier, as they take longer to dry on our skin. While just as effective at killing germs and bacteria, the longer drying period means it takes up to 30 seconds to kill bacteria effectively.

Gel sanitisers are readily available in travel-sized squeeze-bottles and found in most supermarkets and pharmacies. Whereas liquid sanitisers may come as a spray or bottle and can also be used to wipe down surfaces that can accumulate germs, such as shopping trolleys or door handles.

Whichever type of sanitiser you choose, we’ve got you covered. View our full range of high-quality hand sanitiser below.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Hand sanitiser can come as pump-action or as a spray. Pump-action hand sanitisers can range from smaller, individual-sized bottles to 5L bulk hand sanitiser, with many sizes in between to meet your needs.

Both liquid and gel sanitisers can also come in automatic dispensers, which detect movement when you place your hand beneath the sensor and administer an approved amount of sanitiser.

Hand Sanitiser Stands

Suppose you are providing hand sanitiser to your customers or staff. In that case, you should display it in a prominent and easily accessible area, such as the entrance to your business or in a communal staff area.

Pump and spray sanitisers can be displayed on a stand-alone display or, in some instances, mounted directly onto the wall. We recommend using an automatic hand sanitiser stand to avoid unnecessary contact with the pump and reduce the spread of germs. This may be movement activated, like an automated spray sanitiser, or operated by your foot.