Household Cleaning Supplies

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Household Cleaning Supplies

• Over the past couple of years, there has been a rising awareness in the importance of sanitisation - both personal and for the areas where we work, live, and play. Not only do we want disinfectant that is effective at protecting us from viruses and germs, but we also want disinfectant that is quick and convenient to use.

Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant sprays are easy and convenient to use, and so handy. A quick spray and a quick wipe down, and you have cleaned and sanitised almost any surface.

In cafes, they’re used for wiping down tables and chairs after each customer has left. In gyms, a quick spray can sanitise dumbbells, yoga mats, equipment, and more. Handrails in public spaces, too, benefit from an easy spray then wipe down to remove virus particles and other nasties we don't want transferring from our hands to our faces.

Disinfectant Liquid

• For the larger areas and bigger disinfecting jobs, a good liquid mixed with hot water for mopping and wiping down large surface areas does the trick.

• Again, you want something that works in one go and something easy to apply. The need to clean and disinfect more, thanks to covid, means we don’t want to be doubling up on cleaning. We don’t want to work harder than we need to to make our living areas, industrial areas, clean and safe for use.

Hospital Grade Disinfectants

A hospital-grade disinfectant is suitable for general disinfecting of buildings and surfaces, but not surfaces involving medical equipment or is likely to come in contact with broken skin. It must also pass a suitable bacterial carrier test, a suitable sporicidal, fungicidal, and other biocidal tests.

Medcart offers hospital-grade disinfectant inwipes, trigger sprays, and a big5 litre bottle of liquid. Search through our range of disinfectants for more help in keeping your world clean.