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MedCart has an extensive range of medical examination gloves for sale, to ensure you’re equipped with only the best quality sterile exam gloves for one of the most important steps in patient treatment and dental procedures. With leading brands selling direct to you from one marketplace, look no further than MedCart to help maintain your high level of safe and effective patient care. For more, see below.

Disposable Nitrile, Latex & Vinyl Examination Gloves

If you need single-use disposable gloves as part of your personal protection equipment (PPE) then MedCart has you covered with our extensive range of nitrile, latex, and vinyl medical examination gloves. Designed to help prevent contamination and reduce transmission of pathogenic materials, they provide excellent additional safety when correctly put on, taken off, and disposed of (see instructional diagrams pg.4 WHO Glove Use Information Leaflet). They do not replace the need for proper hand cleansing and sanitisation.

What are Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile gloves are non-sterile medical exam gloves that are made from synthetic rubber instead of natural latex. They’re an excellent PPE choice in high-risk environments as nitrile is three times more puncture resistant than natural latex. Nitrile also provides better protection against caustics and petroleum-based substances (incl. many hand creams), which can adversely affect the integrity of latex. Nitrile gloves are usually the number one choice in a variety of settings including: · Aged care centres (when at risk of encountering bodily fluids) · Car manufacturing and automotive detailing outfits · Commercial and home cleaning operations · Dental surgeries · Food preparation and production facilities · Medical/Healthcare/Pharmaceutical offices · Scientific laboratories

Are Nitrile Gloves biodegradable?

Nitrile gloves are biodegradable over time. In addition, if they are not contaminated by clinical waste or chemicals, they can be recycled if the proper systems are in place. The recycled material from nitrile can be used to make anything from frisbees to park benches.

What is the difference between latex and nitrile gloves?

Natural rubber contains latex, which some people are severely allergic to putting them at risk of anaphylactic shock. However, for those who aren’t allergic to it, latex gloves can offer greater hand mobility and sensory acuity due to the material’s extra flexibility. Latex gloves are also more eco-friendly being made from renewable resources that are more readily biodegradable than nitrile gloves. For non-allergy sufferers, latex gloves are an excellent choice for use in a variety of settings including: · Commercial and home cleaning · Manufacturing operations · Medical/Healthcare/Pharmaceutical offices · Dental surgeries · Plumbing industry · Scientific and forensic laboratories It’s important to remember they are only suitable in situations where there is no direct patient contact (unless 100% sure they are not allergic) and there is no use of hazardous chemicals.

Why Buy Disposable Gloves from MedCart?

MedCart is Australia’s #1 marketplace for medical supplies needed by healthcare professionals to maintain the highest standards of patient care in hospitals, aged care homes, and emergency departments. It’s why MedCart is the best place to access reliable quality products. We connect people, government, and businesses to competitive pricing and excellent service. We are committed to promoting Australian retailers and Australian made products, backed with phone support for our customers and partners.