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Easily test for COVID-19 with Australia's Largest Range of at Home Rapid Antigen Testing kits.
The test helps with early detection of infectious individuals within 16 minutes.
See listings for details. To arm yourself with the best layer of defence against airborne and contact tran...

Rapid Covid Test Kits for Sale

From November 1st, many Australians have been able to test themselves for COVID-19 at home. With the Omicron variant having been detected in the country, it is now more important than ever that Australians be regularly tested to keep themselves and the vulnerable safe.

Rapid COVID tests, also known as rapid antigen (RA) tests have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Many countries such as the UK, USA, Canada and most of Europe now rely on these tests to curb infection rates.

Here in Australia, these rapid COVID tests cost around $20 and are part of the ‘Post- Vaccination Phase’ outlined in our National Plan. These tests are available to purchase in every state, except in WA and SA.

What is a Rapid Antigen test?

Rapid antigens tests are a point-of-care diagnostic tool that can tell you whether you have the COVID-19 virus, usually within 30 minutes. With our Collection of Rapid Antigen Tests the results are found within 16 minutes.

All rapid COVID tests work on adults of any age, while some can be used on children aged two or older. The parent or guardian will have to follow the instructions provided with these particular tests.

For more information on RA tests, please see our Guide to Rapid COVID-19 Tests

How does a Rapid Antigen Detection test work?

Just like the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test administered by health officials, the test involves placing a swab up each nostril or on your tongue. This method is necessary to collect mucus or saliva that is then placed in a solution which reacts to specific viral proteins. After waiting 20 -30 minutes, the test will show whether the COVID-19 virus has been detected.

A rapid antigen test is effective for detecting any strain of COVID (including Omicron) but its only output is positive /negative for the COVID-19 virus. Only a PCR test can determine the specific strain of the COVID virus.

Are Rapid At-Home Antigen Tests Accurate?

While rapid antigen tests can be as accurate as PCR tests given the right steps, they are only recognised by the government as a way to indicate that you may have the virus.

For example, VIC and NSW require PCR testing to diagnose COVID-19 after you have tested positive after using a rapid antigen test.

Many countries also require use of a PCR test rather than rapid antigen tests to confirm that you test negative for COVID before you are permitted to enter their borders.

Are Rapid At-Home Covid Tests safe to use?

Certified RA tests have been approved by the TGA and are safe for public use. Please check the instructions if you are using the test on a child under two years of age.

The TGA has advice on COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Tests for Home Use

If you have any problems with your RA test you can report it to the Therapeutic Goods Administration online via their website.

What is the timeframe for Rapid Home COVID Test results?

As mentioned before, most tests provide results within 30 minutes. Some Rapid at Home COVID Tests can provide results within 16 minutes. Most people use these tests either before they go to work or at the end of the day if they are in or have visited a hotspot.

What happens if I test positive to a rapid test?

If you test positive, you must take a PCR test administered by the government as advised by your state.

Quarantine until you receive the results of the PCR, then follow the steps that your local government has instituted.


Rapid COVID tests are a safe way to test for the COVID-19 virus and by taking the right steps, they can be as accurate as a PCR test. The main benefit of these tests is the fact that they can be taken at home by yourself or by a parent/ guardian for a young child with results in under 30 minutes.

The convenience of these tests means they have been vital in curbing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, so purchase a Rapid Covid Test to keep yourself and others safe.

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