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Medical Respirator masks are designed to filter out contaminants, allergies, droplets and dust particles in the air. Surgical N95s are ideal for protecting healthcare workers against infections like the Covid-19 virus. MedCart has a wide range of single-use and reusable KN95 & P2 masks suitable for healthcare and personal use. For more, see below.

N95 and P2 Masks For Sale Australia

An N95 face mask, also known as an N95 respirator mask, is a face mask that is expertly designed to filter the air and block out contaminants and fine particles like dust and smoke. These masks help lessen exposure to things like polluted air and bushfire smoke. There are many industries where employees can benefit from protecting themselves by wearing these types of masks, including the healthcare sector, construction, demolition, hazardous materials removal and mining.

Not only is an N95 mask recommended for use in a range of workplaces, but it is also safe for personal use. Whether you are taking care of someone with an infectious illness, suffer from an underlying medical condition or are immunocompromised, N95 masks provide you with the confidence to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Although they offer much stronger protection, these masks are just as easy to use as basic face masks. Available in both single-use and reusable form, they are portable enough to be used on the go and sturdy enough that you can be assured you are getting the protection you deserve.

Can N95 Masks be Reused?

An N95 face mask is available in both single-use and reusable forms. When choosing to wear reusable N95 masks, following best practice guidelines on mask care is essential. It is recommended to own multiple reusable N95 masks so that you can alternate between masks and allow them to ‘rest’ between usages.

The best way to look after your reusable N95 respirator mask and ensure its ongoing effectiveness is to isolate it in a breathable location after use, like a paper bag. Once you have removed the respirator and placed it in the bag, it is recommended that you allow it to air dry for at least a week.

You must never use cleaning products like soap, alcohol, bleach or even water on N95 masks, as any liquid can damage the mesh of the fibres that are designed to catch and protect from particles.

Is P2 Mask the same as N95?

So, what is the difference between an N95 and a P2 mask? Well, they are essentially the same thing with only minor variations. Put simply, an N95 mask complies with American testing requirements, while P2 masks are considered the Australian equivalent that meet national standards. The terms are largely used interchangeably, as they filter out almost the exact same amount of particles at 95 per cent and 94 per cent. If ever you are in doubt, look for a P2 certified face mask that is endorsed by the Australian government.

What N95/P2 Mask options do I have?

Medcart is your one-stop shop for finding an N95 mask in Australia. At Medcart, we sell a range of disposable N95 masks that are available in multi-packs, making them ideal for those looking to buy in bulk for their businesses or workplaces. On top of that, we supply N95 masks that feature a valve that provides additional airflow and reduces heat build-up while in use. We also supply a range of reusable masks, along with replacement filters that will ensure the longevity of your N95 mask.

Where can I get N95/P2 Masks?

Medcart has many retailers with N95 Masks, P2 Masks and other options. You can purchase P2 masks Melbourne, P2 masks Sydney, P2 masks Brisbane, and also N95 masks Melbourne, N95 Sydney. Medcart has National delivery from pour retail partners so fast delivery is an options fro all our retail partners. Choose the product you need from highly-rated sellers delivered to your door.