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FASCIQ Cellulite Cupping Set of 4 Cups



Our customers buy the FASCIQ Silicone cupping set - Set of 4 Cups because it helps smooth the skin and is commonly used to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
[vcrow][vccolumn width="1/2"][vccolumn_text]Silicone Cupping Set of 4 different transparent Cellulite cups, packed in a convenient, fabric FASCIQ storage bag. Made from 100% medical grade silicone and FDA registered.
Cellulite cups dimensions
The diameters of these cellulite cupping cups are 4.5 cm / 6 cm / 7.5 cm and 10 cm.
Cupping cups features
Easy to press cups for creating a vacuum and effortless moving on the skin. Suitable for a cupping massage of various body surface areas.[/vccolumntext][/vc_column][vccolumn width="1/2"][vcraw_html]
'FASCIQ Cellulite Cupping Set of 4 Cups
Along with body brushing I've been using this on my tights and legs. That has helped me with Lymphatic drainage/swelling legs after a long day at work and reduces pain or discomfort straight away. leg I use it with the body cream that came in the Fascia Gun and I've tried also with dry body oil.¢¬
Marina, Australia
Cellulite cup
These silicone cups are often used to treat cellulite during cupping therapy. Due to the shape of the cups you can glide and hold the cups well, you can use more or less pressure by pressing less or more on the cup and the shape of the cup remains round, which allows you to treat a well-shaped area. With a cupping massage, the subcutaneous waste substances that cause the well-known orange-peel (cellulite) skin can be loosened and discharged by the lymph system. The circulation and production of collagen is stimulated, which can cause the skin to look healthier and tighter. With the help of the FASCIQ cellulite cups you can treat the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, the various sizes can be used for different parts of the body. Cupping therapy can feel irritating at first, so make sure that you gently build up the cupping massage and use a good oil to let the anti-cellulite cups glide over the skin. For this you can use the FASCIQ fascia cream for gliding the cups, while the FASCIQ fascia wax can provide more grip.[/vccolumntext][vc_separator][/vccolumn][/vcrow]

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