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If your pet is experiencing allergies or intolerances, it is important to recognize that these issues are actually related to their immune system. While the symptoms may manifest on the skin, it is the immune system's response to triggers that is ultimately causing the problem. However, it is possible for the immune system to function optimally and prevent reactions to both food and environmental triggers. 

Regardless if the trigger is food or environmental, your pet will most often show signs of 'allergies/intolerances' by presenting with these common signs;

  • chronic itching

  • red skin rash (heat)

  • hair loss

  • skin sores

  • runny eyes and nose

  • gut issues (diarrhoea, constipation, anal gland issues)

  • chewing on paws, ear infections (concurrent yeast infections also)

We cannot stop our pet being exposed to triggers all the time especially if it is environmental (such as grass, pollens, dust etc). But the Skin Allergy Herbal Tincture will help to reduce the bodies release of histamine (which creates all of the symptoms above). It also contains herbs to encourage a normal immune response to foods and environmental triggers.

The skin is the slowest healing organ in the body, and it takes time to see improvements that stem from healing and balance instead of symptom reduction. Medications for symptom reduction of allergies have their place, but do not always get to the heart of the problem. Once they aren't being used, the symptoms such as itching will return worse than before.

It's important to resolve food allergies/intolerances, which are almost always contributing factors to skin conditions. Consider food allergy/environmental testing to eliminate allergens from your dog's diet and to identify environmental triggers that are contributing to allergies.

The Gut Restore powder is not just a probiotic mix, we designed it specifically to repair the gut lining which is often damaged in chronic allergies. It also contains herbs to kill off yeast and bad bacteria, whilst upregulating the liver which is essential in skin allergies.

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