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A species of yeast called Malassezia pachydermatis is a normal organism found on the skin and inside the ears of all canines. When there is an imbalance in the amount of yeast it causes an overgrowth. The excess yeast can cause changes to the skin, ears and coat that can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms for your pet. Such as; Chronic Itching, Hair Loss, Greasy Skin, Skin Sores, Darkened thickened skin, Yellow foul smelling discharge, Sour/Yeast odour to the skin and ears.

The itching can be a constant discomfort and irritant to your dog. Areas where there is increased heat and creases in the skin cause the most upset (such as between the paw pads and ears). Other areas such as the belly and under the arm pits are also commonly affected.

There may be contributing factors to a yeast infection such as long-time use of medications such as steroids or immune suppressant drugs. Other diseases such as Cushings disease, cancer and hypothyroidism can also contribute to yeast infections developing and proliferating.

The skin is the slowest healing organ in the body and it will take time to eradicate the yeast and increase immunity so that yeast infections cannot proliferate. Food Allergies/Intolerances are almost always a contributing factor to skin conditions such as yeast infections. I always recommend food allergy/environmental testing. Then to eliminate allergens from the diet and environment that are contributing to the yeast infection cycle. (Easy DNA labs Australia do affordable testing for Dogs and Cats). This is an essential step, along with gut restoration and probiotics (Gut Restore Powder).

The herbal combination acts as a natural yeast killer for stubborn yeast infections. The mix also contains potent immune stimulants to enhance immunity so that further infection cannot take hold. Liver and bowel herbs support the body in eliminating the wastes that are produced when there is a yeast die off.

The topical spray will kill off yeast on the surface of the skin whilst cooling and soothing the skin too. The Skin Soothing spray will help to speed up healing of the skin whilst the herbal and gut restore formula works on the inside. A couple of cycles of the Yeast kit may be needed to fully eradicate yeast infections from the body.

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