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Deluxe Reacher Tool 60cm Rotating Head

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Deluxe aluminium 60cm Reacher Gripper Grabber to Buy in our Retail Online Store Reaching Tool.

Deluxe and durable reacher designed to enhance your everyday tasks. Featuring plastic jaws and a sturdy metal aluminium shaft, this reacher offers unmatched durability and longevity. With its extendable reach of up to 60cm, it allows you to effortlessly access items that are out of reach. The comfort squeeze handle, equipped with spring-loaded jaws, ensures a comfortable and secure grip. The head of the reacher swivels 360 degrees, providing unmatched flexibility and precision. Additionally, the reacher is equipped with a convenient hook attachment for snagging dropped keys and a magnetic tip for easy retrieval of metallic objects. The jaws remain open until the trigger is squeezed, allowing for convenient and controlled operation.

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