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RestQ Sleep Formula 15ml Drops


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Rest & Quiet Sleep formula is traditionally used to calm the mind and relieve sleeplessness. Sleep is important to our overall emotional wellbeing.

Suitable for night use to help relax your mind and relieve the recurring & worrying thoughts that may keep you awake at night. This unique blend contains 6 Bach flower remedies to still the mental chatter, calm the mind, assist with feelings of overwhelm & impatience when we need a good night’s sleep.

Your moment of sleep.

  • Manufactured to Dr Bach’s original potency method & specifications.

  • Alcohol Free

  • Not diluted to homeopathic potency

  • Vegan

  • Suitable for the whole family

  • Suitable for breastfeeding & lactation

  • Gluten Free

The 6 remedy RestQ Sleep Formula:

  • Agrimony – Cheerfulness & Peace

  • Cherry Plum – Self-control

  • Elm – Self-belief

  • Impatiens – Patience & Forgiveness

  • Vervain – Tranquillity

  • White Chestnut – Serenity & Clarity


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