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TAF Newborn Develop & Play Kit


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OVERVIEW Specially designed for newborns. Our Newborn kit was specially designed to provide parents with the most needed developmental toys that will assure baby is getting all the needed support in a fun & healthy way. Contains 12 must have newborn developmental products in 1 box. Comes with a developmental guide which provides Newborn developmental tips and explains how using each toy inside this kit helps the baby. Great as a gift or for self-purchase DETAILS The kit includes 12 must-have developmental products for newborns: Baby-safe Mirror, Lion Blankie, Developmental Pillow, Rattle Ring, Crinkle Lion Cub, 5 Double Sided Flash Cards (10 images), 2 plastic card holders & bonus Developmental guide The products inside the kit are well organized and wrapped in a tissue paper providing an enhanced unboxing experience. Great for tummy-time, visual stimulation, learning about cause & effect & emotional development. Size: 35 X 26 X 6cm

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