Buyer Policy Agreement

As MedCart values sellers, it is also our priority to ensure our buyers' protection and confidence in every transaction using MedCart’s Site or page. We have set up a policy that allows buyers to enjoy shopping online. We based our policy on Australia’s legal requirements and other experiences that will help ensure a safe and fair shopping environment. By agreeing to our Buyer Policy, you acknowledge and agree to our rules and policies.

The policy is set up to ensure the following:

  • Minimize transaction concerns for both sellers and buyers
  • Comply with Australian Law
  • Protect Intellectual Property
  • Build a safe and enjoyable place to shop for medical products and accessories

Buyer Guidelines

When purchasing products from sellers through MedCart, our first priority is our sellers' and buyers' experience. When you purchase an item, ensure that you do the following:

  • Create a Buyer MedCart Account for ease of purchase
  • Review the item description before purchasing
  • Reach out to the sellers if you have questions about the product you are trying to purchase
  • Once the item is shipped, make sure to ask for the item’s tracking number
  • Communicate with the seller proactively to ensure a smooth and worry-free transaction
  • If you notice that the seller is violating a policy, please report the seller to MedCart Customer Support
Shipping and Handling

The sellers have specified their Shipping and Handling services and rates on the adverts, and should you have any concerns regarding that, you can communicate with them through MedCart’s communication channel. In a transaction, it is also important for you to demand a tracking number so you can review if the item was sent to the correct address with the right recipient information. If you do not receive any response from your seller, you can contact MedCart Customer Support and report an Unresponsive Seller.

Seller Terms and Conditions

We allow our sellers to create their own Seller Terms that are aligned to MedCart’s selling policy, please make sure to read through the description part of the advert to have a clear understanding of the seller terms and proper expectation of the item you are about to purchase.

Customer Service Best Practices

Our sellers are committed to providing good Customer Service for our buyers. They are to reply to any buyer concern within 24-48 business hours, if they fail to reply to any of your concerns, please send a report to MedCart Customer Support.

Item Inventory and Stock Quantity

We want MedCart to be a safe and enjoyable place to shop, so it is our sellers' responsibility to make sure that their stocks or inventory are updated ALL THE TIME. If you successfully purchase an item and the seller informs you that the item is out of stock, please send a report to MedCart Customer Support.

Refund Process

MedCart understands that sometimes there are unforeseen incidents that would lead to the sellers' issuing a refund. We care and wish to protect buyers as much as possible so here are scenarios where you can request a refund:

  • If the buyer received a faulty item
  • If the buyer received a different item from what they originally purchased
  • Missing item
  • The item was not delivered and no tracking number was provided or the tracking number showed a different address from the nominated shipping address

For your refund request to be processed, you must provide proof of your claims and open an escalation case with MedCart. If you think that the issue cannot be resolved between you and the seller, please contact MedCart Customer Support. We’ll be more than happy to step in and assist with your concerns. If you wish to cancel a transaction, here are the refund inclusions:

  • The full amount of the product
  • The shipping fees
  • Return shipping fee for faulty items and items received that do not match the listing

The sellers should refund through the buyer’s used payment method. If the seller doesn’t respond to your Refund Request, please contact us immediately. To request a refund, please contact MedCart Customer Support. And please allow 7 days for the refund to appear in your bank account or credit statement.

Return an Item

Preventing return is very essential to us as a business platform. This allows us to measure the buyers' satisfaction with every transaction. We know and understand that not every transaction is perfect, however, we want to keep the buyers' experience at a high level. With the Seller Policy in place, we trust that our sellers will be able to deliver what is expected of them. But if the need arises, MedCart Customer Support will step in. All buyers should choose carefully before purchasing, as an order to purchase creates a contract between the buyer and seller. MedCart allows a few reasons for Return an Item Request, here are the lists to guide you when returning an item:

  • Change of mind - This will only be approved if the item is fit for resale and the buyer returns the item within a reasonable period which in most cases is 21 days. All items should be in original, unworn condition, without a scratch or damage, with all the original shipping, paperwork, product packaging, protective materials, and tags in place. Returns must be initiated within the 7-day return period and shipping promptly thereafter
  • Faulty Item - Any faulty product must be returned by you to the seller from which it was purchased, and proof of this purchase must also be presented. Replacements for faulty products or your product fully repaired, will be sent to you at no charge within thirty (30) Business Days from the date the faulty Product is returned

Please note:

  • Medical Items - Due to health protocols, we do not allow any medical items to be returned
  • Missing item or incomplete order - If the item you received is missing a part, you can request to return the item to the seller for a refund. It must be stated on the seller’s advert that you will get that part that you are missing for us to determine whether the item is eligible for a Return Request. If you think that the seller’s advert wasn’t clear about what you will receive, you can report the incident to MedCart Customer Support
  • MedCart reserves the right to charge a 20% restocking fee for Change of Mind and double order returns. If you return a Product that we determine to have been used since its purchase, no exchange or return will be granted.

When returning a faulty item, please make sure to open a Return Case and provide us with the following details:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your address
  3. Order Number
  4. The date of delivery (or collection)
  5. The address of the seller's store
  6. The reason why you are returning an item
  7. Your preferred resolution (refund, exchange, or replacement)
  8. Your contact number
  9. The original order confirmation or invoice you received with your item.

How to Return an Item

Please note: Only registered users can self-serve their returns via post. Guest checkout customers please contact our Customer Service team.

  • Go to “My Account” on MedCart and click on “Purchase history” on the left-hand menu. Each of your invoices from MedCart is displayed and sorted by date
  • Find the invoice containing the item you wish to return and click “Return items”
  • Select the item from the invoice to return by clicking the checkbox next to the picture of the item
  • Select a reason for return from dropbox. Be sure to add any further notes for the seller such as details of a fault and create the return
  • Print the return label, put the return authorization form in the parcel to return, and stick the “Deliver To Form on the front to ensure the item makes its way back to the Seller
Seller Rating

MedCart made Seller Ratings available so you can find the best and most prominent sellers. This will provide an avenue for buyers to promote a seller and tell the people about their buying experience. We understand that every transaction is different and there are situations that are out of the sellers' control, so we would like our buyers to communicate with the sellers first before giving a rating and feedback.

Privacy Standard

Customer privacy is of the utmost importance to MedCart. As a buyer on MedCart, our sellers will adhere to certain privacy standards in line with our customer-facing privacy policy, including: All specific customer data collected by MedCart is retained confidentially and will not be shared with sellers apart from the data necessary to fulfill orders Any customer insights received as part of the membership to MedCart will be anonymised Any data collected about a customer will be stored in a secure way to protect the customers' privacy in line with your privacy policy published online. For further information about our Privacy Policy, please click here.

Payment Information

MedCart accepts the following payment methods for online orders: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Afterpay. And ALL transactions are processed in Australian dollars (AUD).

Payment Processing

Credit Card payments will have VEROSAFE PTY LTD as the Payment Processor

Account Obligations and Account Take Over

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password. You are responsible for notifying us immediately of any unauthorised use of your account details or any other security breach relating to your password. To report this, promptly send an email to our customer service team.

Buyer Safeguard

When a transaction is fulfilled, a buyer agrees to pay the seller for the goods they purchased through MedCart. If problems arise, e.g., ‘Item was not received, a faulty item, the item received does not match to what the buyer ordered’, MedCart will facilitate a case so buyers can get a full refund or replacement. Buyer Safeguard is a policy made to protect and ensure the buyer is covered if something goes wrong during the transaction. Below is a useful guide to Buyer Safeguard Policy, covering what it is and what it does and does not cover. This guide will help you understand the policy better and ultimately help you shop safely online.

What does Buyer Safeguard cover?

  • The buyer did not receive the items they ordered
  • The buyer claimed that the item was faulty or broken
  • The buyer received a different item from what she/he ordered
  • The buyer claims some missing items

The usual end result of these scenarios is a refund or replacement. The buyer is welcome to communicate with the seller to inform them of the situation, but we encourage buyers to open a Resolution Case to document everything and ensure the resolution is provided in a timely manner for both parties.

When is the buyer covered by Buyer Safeguard Policy?

  • Made the purchase through the MedCart Site
  • Paid the seller through the accepted payment method
  • If the buyer’s claim is one of the accepted reasons

When is the buyer NOT covered by Buyer Safeguard Policy?

  • If the item purchased arrived in a respectable time frame and isn’t different from the product description
  • If a buyer claims that he did not receive the item, but the seller can provide evidence that the item was delivered to the correct address
  • Meet-in-person transactions
  • Purchases made outside the MedCart Site

Aside from these scenarios and to ensure our buyers' satisfaction, here are other reports you can escalate to MedCart Customer Support: Unresponsive Sellers In every transaction, it can’t be helped that at some point we’ll have questions or concerns for the sellers. They are responsible for answering your queries and concerns before, during, and after-transaction periods to give you updates and more information about the purchase if needed. If the seller does not respond to your questions or concerns within 3 business days, you can report them to MedCart Customer Support.

Delayed Orders We understand when items get delayed because of several unforeseen events and even sellers are not always able to prevent them. However, it is our sellers' responsibility to communicate with buyers promptly about it.

How can a buyer create a case? Generally, we allow buyers to give our Customer Support a call to escalate a case relating to any transaction. But you can also lodge one using our Site through Contact Us.

Tips for MedCart Buyers

  • Never take a conversation or transaction off the MedCart Site
  • Read the product description and item details
  • Consider the seller’s rating

All throughout the transaction, we assure our buyers and sellers that MedCart will always jump in if necessary. Although we are not considered a party during the transaction, it is our ultimate goal to make sure you are satisfied with your experience with us.