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How to become a Seller?


If you’d like to become a seller on MedCart Australia, we’d love to hear from you! Please register your interest by completing the online form and the MedCart team will be in touch to discuss the opportunity further. If your range is a welcome addition to the MedCart marketplace, you will be guided to choose an integration system that suits your business needs and capability. Once the Seller Standards are met and the approval process is complete - we welcome you to MedCart!

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Why Sell on MedCart?

  • Tell your story through Australia’s premier marketplace for all medical supplies.
  • Effortless seller experience through the proven Marketplacer platform
  • Sell an unlimited amount of products through the marketplace
  • Access data and insights to better understand your customer base
  • Easy onboarding through a range of integration options and connections
  • Australia-based account management team dedicated to sellers

“MedCart Australia is here to partner with retailers, sellers, and brands and will never compete with its partners. We deliver sales, brand and product exposure for our partners and seamless transaction experience for customers, backed up with phone support for everyone”. - Phil Leahy Founder, MedCart Australia Pty Ltd

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