Seller Policy Agreement

For a successful transaction, sellers must provide easy and direct buying expectation. By providing consistent and detailed information for buyers, they will have a clear view of how the transaction will go. Their journey is important to us and we expect nothing but the best effort from our sellers, let’s make it a fun and easy transaction for everyone!

Shipping and Handling

The sellers must disclose the shipping and handling conditions and rates available for the buyers under the description of the listing. This will give our buyers a good estimate of the overall charge of the item and how long it’s going to take to receive it. What to add to sellers' listings:

  • Shipping fee
  • Delivery time frame
  • Tax and other government fees (if applicable)
  • Items must be flagged as “standard” shipping or “big and bulky” (Big & Bulky applies to all products that DO NOT fit within the Australia Post package dimensions for standard domestic shipping which is >22kgs and >1.05m in any one dimension)


  • Sellers should dispatch items within 24 hours after the purchase and be delivered within 7 days of dispatch Australia-wide
  • Sellers should maintain a 97% fulfilment rate
  • Custom-made orders with longer lead times must be communicated on the advert page
  • Ensure safe packaging to avoid damages during shipping and disputes from buyers
  • Send a notification once the order is dispatched and provide a tracking number via shipping notification email. This will not only help buyers track their item delivery but will also protect you from buyer reports of Lost Items or No Item Delivery
  • Use a reliable shipping courier to ensure 7 days delivery Australia-wide
  • Provide shipping notes (manifest) with all parcels to clarify the contents of parcels and seller information
Seller Terms and Conditions

We understand and respect that as sellers, you also have your terms and conditions for every sale. Make sure to discuss this in every listing to guide buyers before purchasing.

Your terms and conditions need to be aligned and compliant with our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and all relevant Australian laws

Seller Best Practices

If a customer either contacts you, responding in a timely and professional manner improves your seller rating and gives customers a reason to shop with you again.

  • Sellers are to respond to any buyer query within 24-48 hours of when the email was first received. The buyers can report unresponsive sellers to MedCart Customer Support and sellers will receive a warning for being unavailable for buyers during an active transaction
  • Always respond in a professional tone
  • Provide updates on the issue resolution by replying to an open case
  • Adhere to privacy and consumer laws
  • Adhere to privacy and consumer laws

If you and the buyer can’t find a resolution, please contact MedCart Customer Support to investigate your concern further and find a fair and reasonable resolution.

Item Inventory or Stock Quantity

It is important that your inventory is updated and accurate at all times to protect our Buyers' experience with MedCart.

PLEASE NOTE: If the buyer has to cancel the order because you found out that you have ZERO stocks available, MedCart reserves the right to charge commission. We work hard to obtain and retain customers and out of stocks are a bad experience that leads to customer loss and complaints.

Refund Process

There are several reasons why sellers would refund a customer, it could be one of the reasons below

  • Faulty Items
  • Buyers received a different item from what they originally ordered
  • Item was not delivered to the buyer
  • Goodwill credit

Manage all refunds through the MedCart seller portal or by contacting MedCart Customer Support to ensure your commission is refunded correctly and records of returns are accurately maintained.

Here are the details to help you when processing a refund:

  • Refund the full amount of the product
  • Refund the shipping fees that the buyer paid to ship the item
  • For faulty items and items received does not match the listing, you also need to pay for the return shipping fees
  • Refund the customers through their used payment method

Please allow up to 7 days for refunds to appear in your bank account or credit statements.

If you think the buyer damaged the item before returning the product, please contact MedCart Customer Support and provide needed evidence to help your case.

Customer Escalation through MedCart

If a buyer escalates because they requested a refund but the seller was unresponsive, MedCart will reach out to the seller and wait 3 business days for the refund to be issued. If no response was received from the seller within the given time frame, MedCart will automatically issue a full-amount refund for the buyer.

For all other types of disputes, if the seller does not respond within 3 business days, the case will be decided in favour of the customer.

Return an Item

To gain more confidence from buyers, we have to allow returns for a few reasons. Here are the guidelines for Return Product Requests:

  • Advise return address details for shipping upon registration on MedCart
  • Accept “change of mind” returns, in condition fit for resale, from customers within a reasonable period of time (in most cases it's considered to be 21 days). Please familiarise yourself with the customer-facing returns policy displayed on the MedCart Site
  • Meet all Australian consumer law and associated regulations with respect to accepting the return of faulty or inferior products or services
  • If you believe the item returned to you has been damaged by the customer or is not the original item you sent them, please contact MedCart Customer Support and provide evidence that can help you with your case. MedCart will properly investigate the matter and will provide a fair resolution
  • Sellers may allow “Replacement or Exchange” items, but the process should be communicated on the product page to ensure clear understanding from both parties
  • MedCart will keep the Return Case open for 21 days. On the 21st day, if the buyer has not returned the item and did not communicate after opening the case, the Return Case will be closed in the seller’s favour. Unless the buyer communicates and provides a valid reason for the delay

In some cases, we’ll accept the returns on your behalf, but generally, you will be given 3 days to respond to an active case.


  • As soon as you receive an email or notification regarding a Return Case, respond immediately and dedicate time to communicate with the buyer for their preferred resolution
  • You may offer a Replacement or Exchange if the buyer agrees to do so
Buyers also have responsibilities when returning an item, if you want to know more, please look at our Buyer Agreement.
Seller Rating

Seller ratings allow us to measure your performance as a seller and ensure we provide a world-class experience to our buyers. This will help promote you as a seller, and thus, brings more opportunity for sale and market growth.

Here are MedCart ’s guidelines for Seller Rating:

  • Maintain a 3.5 seller review rating out of 5, anything that’s below will be considered an under-performing seller
  • Describe the item accurately to set the right expectations to the buyers viewing and buying your products
  • Communicate well with the buyers to make them feel valued and heard
  • Be competitive in your shipping and handling charges and do well in terms of delivery timeframe
  • Refunds show purchase dissatisfaction. Consider improving your adverts
  • Keep your inventory updated. When your buyer orders and find out later that it is out of stock, they can leave feedback and will negatively impact your seller rating Our ultimate goal is for the buyers to enjoy a smooth and carefree transaction. You won’t necessarily have perfect transactions, but how well you manage them will impact our buyers and sales.
Privacy Standard

Customer privacy is of the utmost importance to MedCart. As a seller on MedCart, you will adhere to certain privacy standards in line with our customer-facing privacy policy, including

  • All specific customer data collected by MedCart is retained confidentially and will not be shared with sellers apart from the data necessary to fulfil orders
  • The data sent to you to fulfil orders may not be stored and used to send marketing material to those customers
  • Any customer insights received as part of your membership to MedCart will be anonymised
  • Any data you collect about a customer as part of your fulfilment duties must be stored in a secure way to protect the customers' privacy in line with your privacy policy published online.

For further information about our Privacy Policy, please click here.

Delayed Orders

For items that you know will be delayed, it is important to communicate and let the buyers and the Account Manager know immediately. Give them a reasonable time frame and assure them that they will receive the item.

Payment Details

MedCart accepts the following payment methods for online orders: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express Bank Transfer (bulk orders), and Afterpay. And ALL transactions are processed in Australian dollars (AUD).

Payment Processing

Credit Card payments will have VEROSAFE PTY LTD as the Payment Processor

Copyright and Trademark Notice

This Site is owned and operated by MedCart Australia Pty Ltd. All material appearing on this Site are subject to applicable copyright laws.

Account Obligations and Account Takeover

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password. You are responsible for notifying us immediately of any unauthorised use of your account details or any other security breach relating to your password. To report this, promptly send an email to our customer service team.

Errors of Information on Website Listings

In the event, a product is listed at an incorrect price through an error in information received from our suppliers or due to a typographical error, MedCart Australia Pty Ltd shall have the right to refuse or cancel any order placed for a product listed at the incorrect price. This will also apply to any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, MedCart Australia Pty Ltd shall issue a credit to your credit card account for the charges incurred.

Pre-order and Backorder


Medcart does not allow pre-order goods. However, we allow custom made or made to order items so as long that the sellers communicate it through the advert and get approval from the MedCart Account Manager with the following details:

  • Estimated Item Completion
  • Estimated Handling Time and Fee
  • Shipping Details and Rates

Please include all necessary details to provide the right expectations to buyers


Medcart does not allow backorders. Please make sure you have the product available on hand before pushing the adverts to the Site.

Seller Safeguard

Selling on Medcart gives sellers protection by monitoring their transactions and policies. Our Merchant Safeguard Policy will boost confidence for sellers selling online allowing an avenue for them to escalate concerns on the Site such as errors and/or abusive buyers.

Here are the guidelines:

If Medcart finds that the buyers are displaying abusive behaviour such as demanding more from what’s offered on the advert, raising false claims, does not recognize the transaction, and the like. Medcart will conduct a full investigation and provide a reasonable and fair resolution.

When to report a buyer?

  • When the buyer demands more than what’s offered on the listing. For example, shipping rules outside specified on the listings, request a payment method that’s not offered, requesting a seller to hold the payment so the buyer can pay later, partial refund if not justified, discount not offered, taking the sale off of MedCart
  • False Claims are when buyers say that they have not received the item, but the seller has provided a tracking number that proves that the item was delivered to the buyer’s nominated address
  • Buyers did not follow the Refund and Return Policy of sellers and MedCart
  • Buyers did not return the item safe and protected


  • Write a detailed and accurate description of the item you are selling
  • Keep all papers and documentation
  • Do not take the sale off MedCart

Please be reminded that your case will only be considered valid if you can provide solid evidence to MedCart Customer Support.

Account Close Request and Account Termination

Cancellations of subscriptions must be sent to us in writing via mail to 43 Ferras Place South Melbourne Victoria, 3205 or email to info@MedCart We will notify you when your cancellation is processed and accepted.

Service to your MedCart account will still be maintained after we notify you of the cancellation of your subscription and deactivated the day prior to the subsequent billing date.

Account Termination

MedCart may close or terminate an account under these reasons:

  • The seller did not honor the Seller Agreement by violating rules set by MedCart
  • Dishonest and unresponsive sellers
  • Medcart Seller Performance is Below Standard
Account Closure Process

Before requesting an Account Closure, make sure you do the following:

  • Contact your Medcart Account manager to provide the notice period required in the MedCart terms
  • After review for any outstanding orders or issues requiring resolution, your Medcart Account Manager will cancel your Medcart Account.
  • Delete all existing adverts/listings
  • Cancel account subscription
  • Disable API

Once these are done, you can go ahead and Close/Delete your Seller Account.

Seller Listing Guideline

To help you improve or optimise your listings, here’s a guide on how you can create a good quality listing for your buyers.

Item Photos
  • Sellers need to provide at least 3 clear photos of the item (with a maximum of 8 photos) with white background
  • For product shots, it must be RGB 255 255 255
  • File size = lower than 32MB
  • File type must be PNG, JPEG, and WEBP
  • The size must be a minimum of 1000 x 1000
  • All photos must contain only the item the sellers are selling
  • DO NOT put personal contact details, pricing, texts overlays, watermarks, and/or advertising materials
Items specifications

You must add all necessary product specifications under Description on your product listing.

Suggested Specifics are

  • Type
  • Materials
  • Origin
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Weight (if applicable)
  • Ingredients (if applicable)
  • Ear care (if applicable)
  • Certification (if applicable)

You know your products better, so you can add or remove something from the list provided above. If you need guidance on this, you can contact MedCart Customer Support.

Item Title

Please be direct with your item titles. Think about keywords your buyers will most likely use when searching for items.

Optimise your listing title by including the following:

  • Name of the product you are selling
  • Brand name
  • Always capitalise the first letter of each word
  • Colour (if applicable and only if you are not offering multicolor)
  • Size (if applicable)
  • Do not use ampersands (&) in titles unless they are part of the brand name
  • Effective keywords

Not Allowed

  • Seller Name in the Item Title of the product
  • Promotional Materials
  • Shipping details
Item Title

The description is the heart of the listing, be concise and clear. Think about the readers when you are writing it.

Optimise your listing title by including the following:

  • Adding bullet points will help the buyers scan the description easier and faster
  • Mention the brand, the features, and benefits of purchasing your items
  • Pay attention to the length of your description
  • Think about SEO - use effective keywords to get better search results

Not Allowed

  • Include the Seller Name in the Description of the product
  • Promotional Materials
Item Variation

If you have an item that offers different colours, sizes, or any variant, please make sure to add a Parent SKU on the advert. This will make it easier for your buyers to choose different variations from one listing.

Pricing and Promotions

We do not allow Sellers to add promotions and discounts to our Site.